Koncert Mofaya

Date: 21 lutego 2022

Time: 20:00

Zapraszamy na koncert holenderskiego duetu Mofaya w składzie:
John Dikeman – saksofon
Aleksandar Škorić – perkusja

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Bilety 30zł do kupienia online lub przed koncertem
“He has the most powerful voice in the Dutch jazz music of the last decade: saxophonist John Dikeman.”
Tim Sprangers, Jazzism.
“The saxophonist… puts fire to the fuse with the Old Testament fury that Charles Gayle displays on his best trio records. More than improvisation or free jazz you hear übergospel: reeling with religious conviction and tortuous dynamism, with roaring pounding in the low register, split tones and a timbre that is almost torn to pieces.”
Guy Peters, Enola.
the communication between the musicians went flawlessly, as if they had been playing together all their lives. … don’t think that this is some kind of free-punk destruction, because, although its sound is intense, at the same time it is very honest, deep and personal, without a shred of pretentiousness.
Mofaya! is built around the kinetic duo of Dikeman and Škorić. Transcendence, ritual, abandon, heart love!
The quartet !Mofaya! features Jaimie Branch and Luke Stewart. Their debut album Like One Long Dream was released June of 2021 on Trost records. A European tour will take place in August featuring the !Mofaya! quartet, as well as !Mof!Aya!, the trio version with Luke Stewart, as well as the original duo, Mofaya!.
The duo also works in various groupings with guests including Farida Amadou, Marina Džukljev, Marta Warelis, Shay Hazan, Bart Maris, Jasper Stadhouders, Cactus Truck, Seb el Zin, Vid Drašler, Marko Karlovčec, Mark Morse, Zane Massey, Peter Ajtai.