No.c Monstra Timber Rattle TOUR MMXIX

Date: 2 listopada 2019
Time: 00:00 - 00:00

Koncert zespołów z Czech i Stanów Zjednoczonych

No.c (CZ/WK)
Sound-rhythm-compositional instrumental experiment with post-hardcore roots.
The open call to authentic imagination and freedom.

Monstra (CZ)
“You monsters are people!”
But whatever, just another fuckers playing electronic music, that is not pleasant at all to listen.

Timber Rattle (USA)
“There are a few reasons that we don’t have a lot of “online presence”. First, I’m not interested in spending a lot of time on the computer/internet cultivating social media. Second, there is nothing about what is essential to the project that is well-represented by digital media. The music we have up online is the minimum that I felt we could get away with to easily/freely share the recordings in the interest of booking/promoting shows. But, as a big part of – and inspiration for – playing this music is the exploration of environment (especially the natural environment), the internet (as a sort of “non-place”) is almost antithetical to everything we are interested in celebrating.”

artwork Petra Haplová/