Women’s Auschwitz – Kobiety Auschwitz

Date: 4 lutego 2023

Time: 19:00

Auschwitz is a play about the lives of three women during World War II. Three Jewish women killed during Hitler’s genocide.

This piece deals with the last moments of the lives of these three women from Poland, France and Germany. An anti-war play that tries to depict the psychological crisis of the effects of war on women. Auschwitz addresses the issues and dimensions of humanity that war imposes on individuals, far from any political perspective.
Art Director Ali safari
Technical Director and Writer Ali safari
Music Roozbeh akhavan
Photographer Reza javidi
Amir shams
Raha hajizeinal
Nazanin mihan
Sarina azad milani
02:03 19:00 oraz 03.03 19:00
Ticets 50zł/40zł before spectacle or online
Segane Theatre group has begun its theatrical activities since 2012, with the supervision of Ali Safari, and Raha Hajizeinal. This group successfully performed more than 10 plays on stage for public audiences. Also attending a variety of international theater festivals such as Tehran international Fajr Festival and local festivals. Ali Safari as a writer and Director and Raha Hajizeinal as a Director/ Designer and Choreographer of the group playing a great role in managing and improving the group. Segane theatre group produced and performed many different plays on stage; “Invasion” based on the Jose Saramago Novel “Death with interruption” for a public audience. “women’s Auschwitz” which is based on Auschwitz Camps, Holocaust and the genocide. This play received much attention from audiences, Press and Theatre festivals in Iran. This play was performed at Fajr international theatre Festival in Tehran. It was produced and directed by five
different directors and performed in different cities of Iran. And the play itself was published. Segane theatre group also produced, Directed and Performed many other plays such as “Cronus”, “Travelers”, “Berlin 10:10”, “Last Battle” and “Holodomor”. Also, Seganeh theatre Group has been so successful in publishing the plays. “Women’s Auschwitz”, “Berlin 10:10”, “Cronus”, “Reward”, “Holodomor” have been printed and published in Iran. “Holodomor” performed at Nofel loshato theatre Complex in Feb 2020 in Tehran. This play received great attention by the audience and the full house every night of the show. Sir Sergei Bordyliak the Ambassador of Ukraine in Iran with his group watched the play and it was a great honor for the group to have him as one of the audiences.